Derrek Young

“Pressure is a privilege. Stress is a lack of preparedness.”

I’m a builder. I’m most passionate about building highly-effective teams for hyper-growth companies. We all should strive toward crafting a set of best practices for the highest chance of success, by balancing process and ambiguity. What I do best is pull people together, to help them march to the same beat, while taming the chaos of fast-moving situations.The combined vision of strategy and tactics helps me stand out as both a “thinker” and a “doer”.

I have a background in software development/architecture, but I moved into sales 10+ years ago and haven’t looked back. I’ve sold at extremely large companies (Cisco) to very small startups (Quantum Metric).

I thrive in strategic positions where I can partner toward achieving the overall vision, and then also roll up my sleeves to make it happen. My entrepreneurial spirit makes me comfortable with taking calculated risks and experimenting before scaling. My bias for action, and ability to pull people and functions together to get things done, means performance improves when I’m around.

I value delivering results over perfection, action over “analysis paralysis”, humility over arrogance, and adaptability over rigidness.

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