Successful Habits

Want To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Do These 14 Things Immediately

Most of the time, articles like this are clickbait garbage that are full of nonsense, fluff. But he article above surprisingly has some valuable advice. Here are some that jumped out at me. I realize that a lot of the advice in the article would be difficult for someone living paycheck-to-paycheck, but it’s still good advice.

Don’t Work For Money, Work To Learn
Wealthy and happy people work to learn. Unsuccessful and unhappy people work primarily for money.

Only 20% of your energy should be spent doing your actual work. The rest should be spent learning, improving yourself, and resting.

Don’t Learn For Entertainment, Learn To Create More Value
Unless you’re invested, you probably won’t learn with the intensity needed to maximize that knowledge.

Unless you understand the value of your time, you probably won’t have the discernment to ignore almost everything while learning that which will bring the highest return.

Invest At Least 10% Of Your Income Into Vehicles That Will Generate More Money
Compound interest is a real thing. If you put 10% of your income into your investments over a long enough period of time, you’ll be set.

Set 10X Goals and Face Your Fears
When you set a 10X goal, you’re required to think very differently about your daily behaviors. You’re required to be more serious in all aspects of your life. You’re required to eliminate limiting thinking and consumptive distractions.

Get Really Really Good At Marketing
But the delivery — the HOW — is just as important IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT than WHAT you’re doing or WHY you’re doing it.